Yoga Space

As many people in and around London, I do not have a separate room to practice yoga in. All I do is roll out my mat in the middle of my living room (after moving the coffee table out of the way) and that’s my ‘Yoga space’. But for that half an hour/hour practice, it’s my sacred space, some time for myself, to get back to my true self. Some days I play with essential oils (I love my oil diffuser, my newest toy). Depending on how I feel I either practice in silence or I put a playlist on.

I don’t think it is important where you practice, as long as you do practice and get that well deserved me time. But it’s also important not to beat yourself up if you can’t practice. There have been times where, despite my best attentions, I have just sat on my mat for a bit and then got up and went back to my day. It’s still some well deserved me-time though and shouldn’t be underestimated.

I hope I see you soon at one of my yoga classes.

Jen x

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