Restorative Yoga

When the yoga mats roll out, out with them come the strengths and the trepidations of their carriers. Each is releasing their own struggle and seeking their own solace. Restorative Yoga is a practice that meets you, yogi that you are, wherever you are.


Restorative Yoga at its simplest is a series of five or six poses, each held for at least five minutes at a time. Often props such as blocks or blankets are used to assist you in holding these poses. It’s a slow paced practice that focuses on gentle twists and concentrated breathing. Each body will ease into these poses at its own pace, in its down depth and to its own need and ability. The time spent in these poses grants the opportunity to stretch and release your body in a way that is easy to miss in faster movements. On a purely physical level, it eases your body into a state of tranquility.


At its core, Restorative Yoga is the practice of inviting stillness into the room and into your body and into your life. Stillness does exist although we often miss it in our fast-paced lives. Restorative Yoga slows this pace and allows you to take inventory in the state of your being. The extended time spent in each pose allows you to mediate on where else in your life you need to stretch and breathe.


The practice of Restorative Yoga is surprisingly energizing, because it offers your mind, body and spirit a chance to reset. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful way to end your day – you are practically guaranteed a peaceful night of sleep!

Written by Melanie Cornejo

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