Nearly done with YTT

This weekend was the last weekend of my YTT before my exams. I was a bit apprehensive before this weekend but I really enjoyed it. On Saturday we had some business lectures and were then teaching in small groups. It’s the first time we taught in groups as we normally only teach one on one, so it was a different experience but I actually really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too daunting at all, it made me look even more forward to starting teaching my own classes in May. On Sunday we had a prenatal lecture (was quite interesting, especially with me starting my pre- and post-natal course in June). All afternoon we had teaching practice (4 hours!). I was able to teach outside and I absolutely loved it, I got really into teaching and setting intentions and focusing on them, especially when the going was getting tough. I loved seeing the student developing and getting deeper into the practice. The sunshine was another nice addition, it was the first time I taught outside, but definitely not the last time.

This YTT weekend was special for another reason as well, our course leader is pregnant and today was her last time with us. I have learned so much from here and she taught me will make me a better teacher. Next YTT weekend we are having our written exams and more teaching practice.

I’m currently collapsed on my sofa; four hours of yoga today has really taken it out of me. I’m sure I will be aching in the morning but I’m one step closer to my dream.

Until next time,
Jen x

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