Taking yoga off the mat

Yoga for me is much more than just the yoga postures I do in a class and about toning my body or getting flexible. For me, Yoga is a way to unwind and take some time out for myself, being in the moment and feeling the mind body connection. Yoga for me is more about how I feel. During my yoga practice, it’s the only time that I’m really in the moment and not think about anything else. Those 60 minutes (or however long the practice is) really belong to me, it gives me space and time to look into and after myself, see how I feel and just listen to my body.

This state of mind and being present is what I try and take off the mat and into my daily life. It’s taking me a while to figure out what works and how to be present might be different for you, just make sure that whatever you do, it feels right and makes your soul happy. I get distracted very easily, so here are a few things that help me be in the moment:

  1. Daily Meditation
    I try to meditate daily, granted, that doesn’t always happen, life gets in the way but I do have the intention to meditate once a day for 11 minutes. I like to meditate in the morning to start off my day calm. The majority of times my thoughts are raising which is the opposite of what’s supposed to happen, but it helps me focus and be present in those 11 minutes.
  2. Reading a book
    I always have book in my bag (I do commute a lot). This might seem a bit contradictory as I tend to get lost in reading a book, so I’m not necessarily in the present moment, but it’s about how I feel. I love the feeling when I get really into a book. I feel open when I’m reading and get into the story in the same way it makes me feel when I practice yoga, therefore the little escape counts for me.
  3. Taking a walk in nature
    Every Saturday, after I finish teaching my classes, I go see my boyfriend and we take his dog for a walk. I love walking in nature and connect with it. Even though we take the same walk every week, it is different every time. I’ve seen some amazing sunsets over the top of the trees and seen the hills surrounded by mist and fog. It amazes me every time how beautiful nature is. Working in London during the week, taking the dog for a walk on Saturdays helps me reconnect with nature and with myself. Taking a walk in nature to me feels like coming home.
  4. Bouldering
    I started bouldering very recently and I absolutely love it. You have to be present for it otherwise the likelihood that you fall is quite high. I noticed that I forget everything else that is going on in my head/life when I’m climbing up that wall. And another bonus is that it is also a very good workout ☺
  5. Cooking
    I love cooking, especially when I’m preparing food for other people. I work out what I’m cooking, turn on some music (occasionally sing along quite loud, sorry neighbours) and start preparing. Again, it’s a great way to be in the present moment and it makes me feel good. Plus at the end I get to eat some great food, that has been made with lots of love

Taking yoga off the mat is easy once you know what yoga is for you and why you do yoga. I hope some of the above things might help you too. What do you do to take yoga off the mat? Leave a comment below.

Talk to you again soon.
Jen xx

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