The weekly truth #2

For the majority this week I’ve been ill. I managed to get food poisoning from a store bought salad I ate after bouldering on Monday. All of Tuesday my stomach was really hurting, to the point that I had to leave work early. Luckily my stomach was better on Wednesday, but still not 100%. I’ve been struggling with my stomach ever since. I’m not able to eat much and my stomach still hurts on a nearly daily basis. So, I’m trying to reset my stomach. This is something I haven’t done before, so it could get interesting. To start with, I bought some probiotics and trying to stay clear of things I know set off my IBS. I’m hoping that will help sort out whatever is going on with my stomach.


With my stomach having trouble this week, I’ve been really exhausted and tired this week and the need to look after myself was higher than normal. For the majority of the week I’ve been going to sleep at 21:30 and pushed anything on my to-do list back. This week was really only about me getting better, no matter what it took. That also means that now my flat is a mess, I haven’t done anything productive all week, I’ve fallen behind with some projects I’m working on for next year, but none of that matters to me right now. All that matters is that I’m getting better. Without my health none of the other things matter much and there is no point in stressing over things I ‘should’ have done but didn’t. Who says that I should be cleaning my flat on a specific day or that I should be working on my projects (that no one knows about yet)? This is all coming from me and from no one else, I’m not getting these timelines from anyone, it’s something I have set myself. I know I have to do certain things but does it really matter if I do them a few days later than planned? No, absolutely not. Realising that makes a huge difference. I know I’m my worst critic and easing up on that was a huge step for me. Unfortunately it had to take my health to realize that, but better late than never, right?


With the theme for myself for this week being self care, I decided to choose this theme for my yoga classes this week as well. It was all about finding what feels good and what is right for the body in that moment. As students we sometimes compare the pose our body is doing to the pose the body next to us is doing. So this week I encouraged for my students body to look different to the body next to them. We all have to realize that every body is different, therefore poses will look different on different people. As long as the pose feels good in the students body (and the student is safe, I make sure of that), I don’t care how the pose looks.


In between my classes I played around with the new #yogawings art work in the studio, here’s a picture (ignore my exhausted face):


Until next week,

Jen x

One thought on “The weekly truth #2

  1. amber

    Hi Jen!
    Oh no! Food poisoning is so terrible. I once got it from seafood at a restaurant and I was so so sick for 5 days. It was awful. I’ve heard that if you’re stomach is slightly irritable ginger is really helpful. I usually juice it, or eat candied ginger (which tastes disgusting, but it does help!).

    Are you a yoga teacher/run a yoga studio? The yoga wings look cool.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!




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