The weekly truth #3

Its Saturday and I’m currently sitting in a Costa Coffee in Brighton, in between two classes, with a large hot chocolate and cream. Its’ raining outside and I’m hiding away. That’s how I’m feeling this week; just curling up, hiding from this cold weather with a large cup of cocoa. Today is the new moon and I’ve made my ‘New moon wish list’ (more about that in a separate post in the coming weeks) this morning before leaving the house to teach my classes. To be honest, I don’t feel that great today (self inflicted so only have myself to blame) and I’m tired as I woke up at 1:30am and never managed to go back to sleep, despite my body fighting to go to sleep, it was just not happening. So now I’m sitting here with my hot chocolate, listening to music and writing to you guys.


Going with last weeks theme, I’m still looking after my body and mind, more than I normally would. My stomach is still not quite back to normal, though I’m back to eating normal again which is progress. I however have been quite busy when it comes to organising some things yoga related. I had the bright idea at the beginning of the week to get a project management tool to get all the different projects that I’ve got going on organized. To be honest, that really has turned things around for me. Being a project manager I’m not sure why I haven’t used that before to organize my yoga projects, but hey, we live and learn. On Wednesday I finished work early and when I got home I got so much head way on some of my projects. With having quite a lot in the pipeline for you guys it can get overwhelming sometimes but being organized wins you half the battle. Lots of new exciting things are going to happen in the next weeks/month, and not only for people living where I teach, this is going to be for everyone, no matter where you are.


I feel quite a lot better after teaching my first class this morning. I had a full class, which was great as I only just started teaching this class and there was a lot of energy. Considering the time it was a lot more energetic than I expected. I’m about to teach my next two back to back classes. I love teaching my students, both my flow and prenatal students. Every class is different, the energy is so great and I live for that. Teaching yoga for me is an energy exchange and I give it my all when I teach. I also appreciate that my classes are not for all students. Everyone is different and some students will love you whereas others might not like your teaching style, etc. And that is all OK, we have to find our own teacher someone that is right for us.


Ok, I’ll stop rambling on how much I love teaching and start getting ready for my next classes. I hope you have a lovely week and you will hear from me again next week.


Jen x

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