The weekly truth #4

This week has been quite a positive one for me, with getting more motivated than before. Backtrack for a moment. On Monday I went bouldering again (it really got me hooked) and at the end I slipped off a handhold and sliced into my palm (as I later got told the cuts that I have are called flappers). Apparently it’s quite hard to do that with soft hands, yet I managed, of course I did 🙂 if anyone can do that it’d be me. Off I went home, cleaned the cuts and put plasters on. I started to reflect on what happened and maybe a year ago those cuts would have held me back but for some reason those cuts made me more determined. That route will not defeat me, I will master it, no matter how much I have to practice and how many flappers I’ll get.

I started to take the same approach in all areas of my life. If I first fail, I seem to be even more determined to make it a success and possibly work that little harder for it. I don’t let it hold me back anymore. There are a few projects for next year where I wasn’t sure if I should be going ahead with it but at the moment I can’t see why not. What’s the worst that can happen? People won’t like it/won’t come to classes; if that’s the case I’ll adjust the plan accordingly and push further on. It’s weird, it’s almost like I feel invincible but when it comes to making decisions and moving forward with things (rather than thinking my body is invincible). Speaking of body, the whole episode on Monday kinda showed me that i do need to work on my body too, I want it to be stronger (partly to be able to master that route), so on Friday I signed up to the gym. For anyone that knows me, I hate the gym (well, the idea of the gym), so this is quite a big step. I’m only starting off with lunch time yoga classes twice a week (I do teach two lunch time yoga classes, so have to fit it in around that) but it’s a start and eventually I wanna go to other classes to build up my strength. Fridays yoga class was hard, I haven’t been to class in a while so this was a bit of a shock. It took me a while to switch off (esp as I had a busy morning and I felt stressed) but once I managed to quite my mind I really enjoyed it (i might have also pushed my body quite a bit to get rid of the stress).

Again, now I’m sitting in a coffee shop (this time Starbucks, I prefer their hot chocolate) in between my two classes. This mornings class was great, it was split 50/50 between new and returning students. I loved the energy from everybody and I was able to connect to the students even more. I feel like I’m finding my way teaching more and more each week. I’ve done a lot of research and thinking on what courses I wanna take next year, so I know what style I wanna teach and that is starting to reflect on my teaching now. I better finish my hot chocolate and then go back to the studio to teach my second class for today.

Hope you have a great week and remember, only because something negative has happened doesn’t mean it has to be negative.

Until next week,
Jen x

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