New moon rituals

Recently I got more and more into the goings of the moon and how it works together (or in some instances against) with our human body and mind. As I like to read (proper books, not kindle – I like the feeling of a proper book I my hands and turning the pages), I bought the book ‘Moonology’. Whilst reading the book I started to integrate my own ‘New Moon Ritual’, which grew with the wisdom of the book.

On the day of New Moon, I sit down with my journal. It can be any journal, I use the journal I use every day as a bullet point journal. At least that way I keep everything together but you can get a journal especially for the New Moon ritual, it’s completely up to you.

I start by writing down 5 people or things that I’m grateful for/that have brought me joy within the last month. Doing that ensures that you are in the right frame of mind and feel gratitude, rather than negative feelings.

I continue to write down 10 things that I’d like to achieve within the next month; before the next new moon. To be honest, it is fairly easy for me to write down 10 things as I keep them in line with what I need to achieve/my to do list, but I break them down into manageable tasks that can easily be achieved. I then note down 10 goals/wishes that I’d like to achieve within the next 12 month. This helps me focus on what I want to achieve. Once I’ve written those 20 things down, I write down how I can achieve these goals/wishes. For example, if I’d like to teach another yoga class would be one of my wishes, I’d break that down into the following:

  1. Finding a suitable space to teach
  2. Contact the people who run the place and possibly negotiate rates etc
  3. Think about marketing – who brings in the students, the studio/space or do you have to do your own marketing?
  4. Does it make sense for you to teach the class? Financially and mentally

etc, etc. It helps breaking the big goal/wish down into small bite size goals that can be incorporated into your next wish list.

After I have written all this down, I compare this “New Moon wish list” with the last “New Moon wish list” and see what I wanted to achieve over the last month but haven’t yet and then write down why that I wasn’t able to achieve this and what I can do this month to make that wish come true. I also have a look at what was on my previous list, which is possibly not relevant anymore and again look at why it isn’t relevant anymore.

This is the little (but possibly long) ritual I do every New Moon. I sit on my sofa, taking out some time to reflect, possibly with candles on and some soothing music. I hope that, if you haven’t already got a new moon ritual that you will start one now and start making your wishes. Let me know below what your new moon rituals are; I’d love to hear about them.

Jen x

PS. The next New Moon is on 18th December 2017

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