Every now and then I have to sit back and just appreciate what I have. As well what I don’t have.


Looking back at this year, I’m so grateful for everything that has happened, the good and the bad. I’ve grown more in the last 12 months than in the last 5 years. Making the decision to do my Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 was the best decision I could have made. Since graduating in May this year, I’ve been teaching every week (apart from when I was on holiday) and loving it.

Sharing the joy of yoga and all its benefits with my students really makes my week. To be honest, I never thought I’d enjoy teaching yoga as much as I do. My confidence in myself and my ability has grown a lot. I’m more open and less shy when I meet new people.
If you think about doing a yoga teacher training, just do it. It really is amazing how much your life changes. How much you change.

This time of year I like to take some time out and be grateful. Grateful for my life. Grateful for the people in my life. Grateful for what I have achieved. Grateful for my dreams. Grateful for my opportunities. Grateful for food on my table. Grateful for a roof over my head.

Every morning I try to list 3-5 reasons to be grateful for. This helps me set the tone for my day. Why not try it yourself?

Comment below for what you are grateful for.

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