The weekly truth #8

I can’t believe how quickly 2017 has come and gone. This weeks’ weekly truth is slightly different. I will be looking back over the past year. 2017 was an incredible year for me. So much has happened and so much has changed. Above all, I have changed.

Going into 2017 I was halfway through my Yoga Teacher Training. I was starting to teach yoga more regularly which scared me. I’m not gonna lie about that. When I started teaching I was so nervous before the class. It’s only now that I’m not that nervous anymore. I’m so excited when I teach yoga and get to share the love I have for yoga with my students. All of my April was spent revising for my yoga exams and driving myself crazy about it. May came, I did the exams and I passed. I was incredibly happy about that. I knew that it would change my life around.

The week after I graduated I started teaching in a yoga studio. I arranged that way before I graduated. Being a project manager helps as the first six months I was really organised with what I wanted to do and achieve once I graduated. It also meant I could teach yoga straight away. I went up to teaching 4 yoga classes very quickly. Always seeing if classes worked at certain times and if now I’d stop teaching those classes.

In June I was lucky enough to be able to teach at the Brighton Yoga Festival, which was an incredible experience, only a month after I graduated. Even though having a completely booked out class, I tried to stay calm. The class was over in no time and I made it. 🙂 Everyone seemed to enjoy the class and I received some lovely compliments after. This really boosted my confidence in teaching.

After this, I attended a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher training and added more classes to my schedule. The second half of 2017 really has been manic, hence whilst on holiday and noticing how run down I was, I decided to step back with teaching. This wasn’t an easy decision for me but I have to listen to my body and my body told me to take it slower. I freed up my Sundays and since then have been feeling a lot better.

Sunday is now my self-care day. I just take it easy. Go to a workshop, watch TV at home, spend some quality time with my boyfriend and also do some work. As I’m working from home I’m giving my body enough rest to deal with the remainder of the week. I can’t wait what 2018 has in store. It’s going to be hard to be better than 2017 but I have a feeling it might just be better.

What was your highlight of 2017? Comment below!

Until next week,
Jen x

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