3 Yoga poses you can do at your desk

3 desk yoga poses

A lot of us sit at our desks all day long. I’m guilty of that myself. Sitting the majority of the day hunched over my keyboard, working away. This is obviously not the best thing for our body and posture. Below are yoga poses you can do at your desk, without any problems. The sequence will only take a few minutes and will make a big difference to your body and mind. And you can do those poses in your chair!

  1. Eagle Arms
    How To: Stretch both arms out in front of you. Bend your right elbow, fingers of the right hand pointing up to the ceiling, upper arm parallel to the floor. Wrap your left arm underneath and around the right arm. Either let the outside of your hands or the palms meet. On every inhale, bring your hands and elbows up as much as it feels comfortable. On every exhale, lower them down again. Do this 5 times, then switch sides with the left arm on top and repeat the above steps.
  2. Seated fold with hands interlaced
    How To: Plant both feet, hip distance apart, onto the floor. Interlace your fingers behind your back and start to open up through the front of the body. Stay here for 3-5 breaths. Then on your next exhale, start bringing your belly onto your thighs. Make sure that your upper body is parallel to the floor. Bring your interlaced hands towards the ceiling.
  3. Seated Twist
    How To: Plant both feet onto the floor. Sit as tall as you can. Bring the left hand to your right knee. Right hand either on the back of the chair or behind your sitting bones. Gently start looking over your right shoulder. Stay there for 3-5 breaths. Then switch sides. Bring the right hand to your left knee and twist.


These are just a few poses that can be done at your desk to give yourself a break. Like this and share with your friends to give them a break at their desks.

Jen x

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