Letting go in 2018

I have a habit to hold on to things in the past. Emotionally I am dealing with that through meditation. But there is more that I need to do, I know that. For this new year, I have set myself a few challenges to help me letting go even more.

  1. Meditate every day
    I do have a pretty good meditation habit but I’d like to meditate every single day. Meditation makes such a big difference to me and it helps me let go of past things. It also helps me focus and just be still for that time. Nothing else matters when I meditate, only that I’m here in the moment, looking after myself.
  2. Clear out my home
    This is a much bigger challenge for me. I tend to hoard things, for no particular reason, therefore I am going to start sorting out my flat and get rid of everything that doesn’t serve me anymore. There are still have boxes that I haven’t opened when I last moved, three years ago. I think that says a lot. I’m going to sort out one section at a time, at least once a week. That way I won’t get too overwhelmed and actually start to throw stuff away.
    Proving that I’m serious, I sorted out one area on new years day and threw a lot of things away. Most of them I don’t need. It just shows that I’m hoarding way too much. I also really like the feeling when my flat is clean and tidy.
  3. Taking care of myself
    I’ve learnt to let go of any emotions that I hold onto through yoga. This year I want to look after myself more and ensure that I’m in the best possible state I can be in. I know that doing a personal yoga practice every day won’t be realistic for me, therefore I’m more about looking after myself. Doing workshops, taking time out to walk in nature, doing whatever makes me feel good.

Emotions are a funny thing and we have to deal with them. Holding on to past things isn’t good and this year for me is all about the present moment and the future.

Comment below on what you do to let go of things.

Jen x

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