Meditation: Exercise for emotional balance

I came across this exercise when I was going through my pre- and postnatal yoga teacher training and I absolutely love it. The exercise is in Gurmukh’s book “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissfull”. It seems very simple but starts off slow as you will be feeling it in your shoulders.

  1. Start in Easy pose (sitting cross-legged, back and neck long), stretch your arms up above your ears with the palms facing each other stretching to the sky. The fingers are side by side but the thumbs are separate. Keep your arms and palms stiff as steel, reaching high the entire time.
  2. Begin to move the arms back and forth like you are fanning your head, six to nine inches out, and then back in again. Your eyes are closed and rolled upward. Move powerfully for at least three minutes, working up to seven minutes.

This will energise by building your electromagnetic field and improves the balance in the hemispheres of your brain so that your whole body can adjust itself.

Start off by doing this exercise for three minutes and then slowly increase the time. Let me know in the comments below on how you are getting on with this.

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