What to expect in your first yoga class

You have signed up for your first yoga class but you are nervous. Don’t be. We have all been there and there might be other yogi’s who are enjoying their first class with you.

But, first of all, congratulations on signing up to your first yoga class. Below are a couple of points on what to expect in your first yoga class and what to keep in mind.


What to wear
Wear something comfortable. The main point is that you can move and stretch in it. There is no need for fancy gear. Just bear in mind that yoga is practised barefoot.


What to bring
Depending on the studio you might have to bring a yoga mat. However, the majority of studios have mats available for you to use. Any props, like straps and blocks, are also usually provided by the studio.

You should be staying hydrated, so bring some water for class and maybe a smoothie for after class.


Food Pre-Yoga
It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of class. There’s a lot happening in our bodies during a yoga class, therefore no heavy meals for 2 hours. Before class, eat something small, like a banana, and drink plenty of fluids. That will help you especially if you get dizzy easily.


Arrive early
This is quite important. Arriving early gives you some time to get changed, get the vibe of the studio and maybe talk to the teacher or other students before the class. The teacher also might have some forms for you to fill in before class. And most importantly the class can start on time.


Language you might come across
There might be some words that you might not understand during the yoga class. But don’t worry about that. You might hear a few Sanskrit words and over time you get to know them. If you want to know what the meaning of the word is, just remember the pose you were doing at that time and then ask the teacher after.

Savasana is the relaxation pose at the end of the class. Traditionally you lay on your yoga mat on your back. Legs are stretched out, arms beside your body, palm facing up, eyes closed. This is an important pose, so please don’t skip it. It gives your body well deserved rest after the class.

Namaste is how we end our yoga class. (Some teachers also say Namaste at the beginning of the class). Namaste means: “My soul honours your soul”


I know you are nervous, but please don’t small talk during the class. If you have a question about the pose you are doing right now, go ahead and ask it. But please don’t disrupt your own and the other students’ practice but talking about how your day was.

If you have any questions for the teacher, catch up with them after class. Your teacher will have a few minutes to talk to you after class.


I hope that has answered some of your questions when it comes to your first yoga class. Comment below if you have any questions and I will answer them.


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