30 Journaling prompts

Writing in your journal is an exciting exercise. Just taking some time out for yourself to explore new angles and putting down your thoughts. Below are 30 journalling prompts to give you new ideas for your journal entry.

  1. What are you thankful for?
  2. Five things you’d like to do more?
  3. What was the best thing that has happened this week?
  4. A book that has influenced your life?
  5. What do you love about yourself?
  6. Something you are excited about?
  7. How have you changed in the past year?
  8. What are your favourite movies right now?
  9. Something you are proud of?
  10. Write down one regret.
  11. What do you feel strongly about?
  12. How do you relax?
  13. A few small things that make you happy?
  14. Best book you read this year?
  15. Write a letter to your teenage self.
  16. 10 Places you’d like to visit?
  17. What is your dream job?
  18. What were your highs and lows this week?
  19. A fact about you, that you don’t often share?
  20. Something you want to remember?
  21. How would you like people to describe you?
  22. What is your favourite song to sing?
  23. Share one of your earliest memories.
  24. Name one way you’d like to grow in the next year.
  25. Write down 5 weird things you like.
  26. Write about something that scared you.
  27. Write down one thing you dream of doing.
  28. Sum up what you believe on one page.
  29. Things you love about this time of your life
  30. What would you be doing if money was no object?

Are there any journal questions that you like, that you use when you’re journalling? Comment below with your favourite journal prompts.

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