My weekly truth #10

Another week has gone by and today I’m writing you from the train to Brighton. There are track works going on this weekend so I have to take the long way down to Brighton. I was annoyed about it at first as this means this nearly doubles my time to get to the studio but after thinking about it and putting it into perspective, it’s really not that bad. I get to do what I love, so how bad is it really? It’s only another 40 minutes of commuting time. Plus it gives me some time to write a couple of posts and get some time to reflect.


This week has been quite full on for me and I have been quite tired. The tiredness might have something to do with me changing my daily routine rather than being busy at work. I set myself some goals for this year and the best way to achieve them is to get up earlier and work towards them then. So far it’s going well and I have been getting up early every day (apart from the weekends) I’ll give it to the end of the month to ensure this is part of my daily routine. Then I will make another few changes and hopefully incorporate them into my daily routine too.


If you haven’t set yourselves any goals yet and are stuck with how to set them, lululemon have a lovely worksheet #18in18 that helps you set 18 goals for this year. It’s broken down into different sections, which help you to easily set your goals. Here is the link to it, make a cup of tea, take some time out and fill in the worksheet to keep you focused this year. You can also download the worksheet below.  


I started teaching a new class on Monday and even though I was really nervous, it paid off. The venue is great, it is quirky which I love and the students that came were absolutely amazing. Today I have a couple of hours between my classes rather than teaching four hours back to back. This means I get some time to record one or two meditations to go onto my website. This has been on my to-do list for ages but more urgent stuff seems to come up so recording the meditations keeps moving down the list.


I’m off work on Monday and my to-do list is already huge. I know I have to be realistic, I won’t be able to do everything but knowing me I will give it my best shot to get everything done that’s on my list for Monday. Luckily tomorrow (Sunday) I get some time to rest and some quality time with the boy. I hope you all had a good week.


Talk to you next week
Jen x


Here is the downloadable #18in18 goal setting worksheet: lululemon 18in18 goalsheet

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