Yoga styles explained

Are you new to yoga or just want to see what different types of yoga there are? Don’t look any further. Below is a breakdown of some of the different yoga types


A gentle, slow-paced style, focusing on controlled breathing and holding poses for a short time.
Ideal For: Beginners. The simple stress-relieving poses are a good starting point.


This style is faster paced and physically more demanding.
Ideal For: Seasoned yogis. This style requires strength and endurance to get the most out of it.


This style focuses on breathing paced with the movement through poses. Vinyasa improves strength, flexibility and tones the body.
Ideal For: Building strength. This style is faster paced and focuses on the body-mind connection.


Blocks and straps are often used to provide proper alignment to support joint and muscle health.
Ideal For: Relieving back or neck pain.


Involves chanting mantras and breathing through energising movements.
Ideal For: A spiritual experience. This is one of the more unique yoga types


Aka hot yoga is a 90-minute practice of moving through 26 poses in 105-degree heat.
Ideal For: Flexibility. The heat and extended period of stretching boosts flexibility and strength.

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